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Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA)
Dunajska cesta 128a,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 530 86 40

Corporate membership

Corporate SDA members are legal entities that have a long-term interest in developing and raising trust in corporate governance in Slovenia.

korporativni člani

Package of benefits:
  • membership of a certain number of individual persons who have the same benefits as individual SDA members;
  • free-of-charge participation of a certain number of individuals at SDA events and trainings;
  • attendance of Chairs of Supervisory and Management Boards at the SDA Chairmen Forum, which is held twice a year;
  • 10% discount in training courses tailored to the needs of the client and discount on SDA consulting services (board evaluation, etc.);
  • free-of-charge answers to legal questions;
  • suitable presentation in expert public and promotion at all SDA events;
  • possibility to cooperate in the development of the SDA strategy and annual plan of activities;
  • professional cooperation in different SDA work groups pursuant to the annual plan of work.
Membership fee:
The amount of annual membership fee with respect to company size under the classification in the Companies Act:
  • micro company = €1,000
  • small company = €2,000
  • medium company = €4,000
  • large company = €7,000



Companies that support SDA activities to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance
within the scope of their corporate social responsibility.