Directors Certification

Director Certification is a procedure of obtaining a professional qualification pursuant to the pre-set curriculum program exhibiting a certain level of qualification for the boards' work.
Purpose and benefits:
  • to raise the profesionalism of Board of Directors;
  • to focus on the profesional ethics;
  • to encourage board members to train and upgrade their knowledge;
  • to enable individuals to position themselves professionally by obtaining qualifications for board of directors;
  • to develop a suitable supply of candidates for board postions;
  • to improve corporate governance standards.

Two levels of directors certification:

I. “A training certificate” = attendance at the training course Standard skills for supervisory board members
By attending the training course, individuals exhibit their attendance at a training programme for directors. The programme has been acredited by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.

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Level I. professional qualification: ATTENDANCE AT A TRAINING COURSE

  • it is required to attend all thematic clusters at a 3-day training course, which has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • the training certificate is obligatory for supervisory board members who have been appointed in such bodies in SOEs managed by Slovenian Sovereign Holding;
  • introduction to the function of a supervisory board member, upgrading certain skills and preparation for the exam to obtain the SDA Certificate;
  • upon the completion of training, one obtains a “Training certificate for supervisory board members and board of directors”;
  • entry in the register of holders of the Training Certificate for SB members.

II. SDA Certificate  = knowledge upgrade
With this certificate, an individual exhibits that he or she has obtained suitable knowledge to perform the function of a supervisory board member by accomplishing a test (applied examination). Such an individual undertakes to act ethically and to be a subject of renewal process (continuous education and no breach of code of ethics)

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Level 2 professional qualification: EXAM TAKING

  • oral exam – verification of one’s professional competences by thematic clusters from training;
  • previous attendance at that training is not obligatory;
  • commitment to comply to the SDA Code of Professional Ethics (mandatory membership in SDA);
  • by obtaining the SDA Certificate, one at the same time obtains the "Training certificate" for supervisory board members;
  • evidence in the register of holders of the "SDA Certificate" and the register of holders of the "Training certificate";
  • invitation to attend the Meeting of certified directors (alumni club);
  • The SDA Certificate must be renewed every two years (lifelong learning principle);
  • professional qualification is presented in cooperation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Slovenian Sovereign Holding.


With Directors Certification, SDA pursues the following policy:
  • it sets the professional standards for passing the exam;
  • it monitors the proficiency and quality of programmes, lecturers, committees and certification procedures;
  • it issues the Training certificate for supervisory board members and the SDA Certificate, and keeps a public register of the holders of such qualifications;
  • it promotes certification and the holders of both professional qualifications.

Partners and supporters of the SDA Certificate