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 Pavle Djurić   Pavle Djurić

Pavle Djurić is a counsel in the Legal Transition Team (LTT) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the EBRD’s initiative to contribute to the improvement of the investment climate in the Bank’s countries of operations by helping create an investor-friendly, transparent and predictable legal environment. Pavle is actively involved in the EBRD’s work on corporate governance in the Bank’s countries of operations, which encompasses both working directly with investee companies in order to strengthen their governance arrangements and policy dialogue with country authorities to assist development of effective legal and regulatory frameworks that support sound corporate governance. He also participated in the 2016 Assessment of Corporate Governance Legislation and Practices in the EBRD Countries of Operations, the results of which are published on the EBRD website. A citizen of the Republic of Serbia, Pavle graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where he also obtained a master’s degree in business law.

Prior to joining the EBRD in July 2016, Pavle has worked at the National Bank of Serbia, where he was Head of Legal Division in the Bank Supervision Department. His responsibilities in the NBS included directing activities on development of prudential banking regulation, preparation of corrective and enforcement measures and conducting assessments related to acquisition of holdings in the Serbian banking sector and fit and proper tests of banks’ managing and supervisory board members. Pavle was also engaged in Serbia’s accession negotiations with the EU in the field of financial services and participated in various conferences in Serbia and abroad.