About SDA

The Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA) is a professional, non for profit, and non-governmental organisation that brings together members of Supervisory Boards, Directors, and other stakeholders of corporate governance.

It plays a leading role in education, certification, and development of corporate governance and best practice for Boards in Slovenian companies. SDA was founded in 1997 and is one of the oldest organisations of its type in Europe. Today, it brings together over 700 individual and 16 corporate members and is the most important custodian of corporate governance (CG) standards and opinion leader of corporate governance in Slovenia.


SDA is the most important expert & partner to all stakeholders of corporate governance in Slovenia and a internationally visible and active organisation.


By promoting standards of corporate governance and professionalism of supervisory board members, we contribute to effective corporate governance in Slovenia. This is achieved through following activities:

  • development of standards and research in corporate governance;
  • education, certification, and consulting;
  • policy lobbying and connecting of all stakeholders of corporate governance;
  • international activities.


SDA will strive to enforce the following values:

  • expertise;
  • responsibility;  
  • ethics;
  • independence;
  • innovation;
  • openness and connectivity;
  • communicativeness.

SDA members can be:

  • members of Supervisory Boards and non-executive directors at companies based on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • members of committees and Board secretaries as well as individuals interested in becoming Board members, provided that they meet the legal requirements for the appointment of members of management and supervisory bodies;
  • foreign citizens from indent 1 or 2 of this Article;
  • legal entities that are typically companies and organisations (corporate members) interested in the CG development within the scope of SDA’s mission. 

Individuals who have become members within the scope of corporate membership are subject to the same criteria for membership in SDA.

SDA members are obliged to cimply to SDA Code of Professional Ethics and SDA rules, and strive for best practice of Supervisory Boards as laid down by the recommendations adopted by SDA.

Core activities:

  • education and certification of board members;
  • research work on supervisory boards in practice;
  • professional cooperations within the scope of various interest groups striving to raise the standards of corporate governance and best practice of supervisory board work;
  • organisation of trainings and conferences;
  • cooperation with the media and strategic partners in the sense of promoting the professionalism in the area of supervisory boards;
  • communication with SDA members and wider expert public via an electronic monthly newsletter, website, and press releases;
  • keeping a database of supervisory board members of Slovenian companies;
  • presentation of important topics for successful work of supervisory boards.


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