Chairmanship and Work of the SB

One of the factors for supervisory board efficiency is its leadership. The latter defines the selection and work of the chair of a supervisory board in cooperation with the supervisory board secretary.

A major tool for the chairperson of a supervisory board is also the evaluation of a supervisory board that gives feedback to the entire body regarding possible improvements to the work of the supervisory board compared to the recommended good practices as well as regarding the members’ satisfaction with the leadership of the supervisory board.

The most important source for chairmen and members of a supervisory board regarding the leadership of the latter is the Guidelines for Selection and Recommendations for the Work of Supervisory Board Chairmen.

Best practice recommendations:


An important change in respect of company representation and the role of a supervisory board chairperson was made with the revised Article 281(2) of the amending Companies Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 55/15), which lays down that a company concluding a contract with a consultant be represented by the chairperson of the supervisory board. The chairperson of a supervisory board also represents the company when concluding a contract with the auditor of the annual and consolidated annual report

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