Professional Ethics

Professional ethics is a system of ethical norms and principals applicable to special groups of professions and individuals pursuing them. Like for other professions, it is vital that the pursuit of the supervisory function is laid down by professional ethics and culture as written down in the SDA Code of Professional Ethics. The Code includes the fundamental principles for ethically professional work of supervisory board members and represents the basis for the work of supervisory board members that is supplemented with all other best practice recommendations.

The Code of Professional Ethics of the Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA) was adopted on 17 April 2014 by the General Meeting of SDA, thus replacing the Code of Ethics of SDA that was adopted on 18 May 2006 and applied at the time.

This  Code  lays  down  the  ethical guidelines and  principles  for  the  members  of  the  Slovenian  Directors’ Association  (SDA)  when  assuming  and  discharging  the  function  of  supervisory  board  members  or  non-executive directors. The  purpose  of  the  Code  is  to  additionally  emphasise  the  importance  of  professional  conduct  of  the members of supervisory bodies that must be based on ethical principles, expertise and responsibility.SDA members shall provide for their own personal integrity, meaning that they shall act in accordance with the ethical principles and applicable regulations in force.


  • Principle No. 1 – Responsible Acceptance of Membership
  • Principle No. 2 – Act In the Interest of the Company
  • Principle No. 3 – Honest Discharge of the Function
  • Principle No. 4 – Professional and Active Discharge of the Function
  • Principle No. 5 – Self-criticism
  • Principle No. 6 – Protection of Reputation


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