Training & development

Regular education and training is vital for the professional development of members of supervisory board and directors and of their committees, as well as board secretaries and other experts in companies who support boards' work.

The Slovenian Directors’ Association carries out different training activities for members of supervisory boards, directors and members of committees:

  • training programmes for directors;
  • training for boards secretaries;
  • seminars, workshops and consultations;
  • conferences;
  • networking events and meetings.

Directors' Certification

Director Certification is a procedure of obtaining a professional qualification pursuant to the pre-set curriculum program exhibiting a certain level of qualification for the boards' work.

>>> Director Certification

Board Evaluation

Supervisory board evaluation is an internal procedure intended for systematic evaluation of the work performed by a supervisory board (questionnaire or matrix) with respect to existing good practices and with a certain degree of healthy self-criticism.

>>> Supervisory Board evaluation


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