The Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA) is the only organisation in Slovenia bringing together members of supervisory boards and directors, members of board committees and other stakeholders in corporate governance. SDA also brings together companies that are interested in developing their corporate governance within the scope of corporate membership.

Membership benefits

SDA members are provided with access to library and resources required for the work of boards, legal advice  and other membership benefits. It encourages its members to develop professionally (education, certification, evaluation, etc.) and comply with professional ethics.

  • All SDA members are invited to the Annual meeting of members and the SDA General Assembly.
  • Board secretaries members meetings.
  • SDA Chairmen Forum - regular meetings of Chair of Supervisory and Management Board.
  • Annual alumni meeting for Certifited Directors.

Membership fee

The membership fee is paid by individual members personally or the company indicated.

  • The annual membership fee for a calendar year amounts to €160 and €40 for retired members.
  • Individuals who become members between October and December of the current year pay an admission of €40, which applies as membership for the current year.

Collective membership – for the membership of at least three (3) individuals from a company, SDA offers a 20% discount on the membership fee payment.

..."SDA members must take care of their own personal integrity, meaning that they are to act in line with ethical principles and applicable regulations".. SDA Code of Professional Ethics

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