Guidelines and codes

Practical Guidance - Diversity Policy of Management and Supervisory Board

12. 04. 2018


Diversity in management and supervisory boards should contribute to a greater operational efficiency of these bodies. The diversity of professional profiles and experiences, complementarity of knowledge and skills, international experience and representation of foreigners, as well as a certain degree of continuity of members in boards, should ensure just that. The selection of the company-relevant aspects of diversity should ensure diversity of opinions and a good understanding of the current events as well as long-term risks and opportunities associated with the company’s performance. Similarly, the diversity of aspects such as gender and age should also have other important effects with a wider social significance, as they are the subject of political discourse and efforts.

In national legislations of some European countries, including Slovenia, regulation of equal representation of gender was implemented, while other gender representations, as an important aspect of diversity, were specifically defined in Corporate Governance Codes.
One of the important aspects of companies’ non-financial reporting, which is tied to corporate governance, are, in addition to the CG statement and compliance with the code and disclosures regarding the remuneration of management and supervisory bodies, disclosures regarding the composition of these bodies and the existence of Diversity Policy as well as its implementation.
In July 2017, the European Commission published Non-Financial Reporting Guidelines , detailing expectations regarding companies’ disclosures regarding the description of the Diversity Policy, which is included in the CG statement for the companies’ annual reports for 2017.


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