Guidelines and codes

Supervisory Board Assessment Manual

01. 03. 2011

board evaluation

The purpose of this Manual is to standardize the approach to assessment of performance of supervisory boards and boards of directors in Slovenia. This will allow a better understanding of the assessment process and its contents to supervisory board members, as well as shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. Members of supervisory boards and boards of directors are offered a tool to improve their performance and quality of both their activities and corporate governance at the company. The Manual offers understanding of the assessment process and provides answers to the frequently asked questions.
The Corporate Governance Code employs the term "self-assessment". The process of performance assessment, or evaluation, can include both internal assessment (selfassessment) and external evaluation (external assessment). Hence, we decided to use the broader term "performance assessment" in this Manual in order to include the former, the latter, or both assessment methods. The contents of the Manual are above all a tool for selfassessment by the supervisory board members.


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