2023 Non-Executive Director Remuneration in Europe

25. 01. 2024


A survey conducted by WTW with the support of ecoDa reveals that current Board pay structure and levels are not appropriate for the complexity of today's global world and broader directors' duties and liabilities. These findings may lead to a deterioration of the quality of good corporate governance, given that the best talents will privilege non-EU markets or will consider other more rewarding opportunities instead of non-executives' positions. In the long run, this is the competitiveness of business in Europe, which is in danger.


ecoDa and WTW organized a joint webinar to reveal the results of this investigation and to put forward possible avenues for further reflection regarding the remuneration of non-executives.


  • Manuel Montecelos, Senior Director, Executive Compensation & Board Advisory Financial Services Lead, Europe, WTW
  • Piia Pilv, Executive Compensation & Board Advisory Europe Multinational Cluster, WTW
  • Anne-Charlotte Gissinger, Executive Compensation & Board Advisory UK & Ireland Office, WTW
  • Rytis Ambrazevičius, ecoDa's Chair


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